Why Dogs Stare at Walls

17th March 2020
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Why Dogs Stare at Walls

There are many reasons why dogs stare at walls. However, this somewhat odd behaviour is generally associated with older canines who, like humans, may be suffering a form of dementia. In dogs, this dementia is known as CDS – Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome.

Do not panic

The first thing you should do when finding your doggy staring at walls is not to panic. Most problems associated with this type of behaviour can be treated. And that’s exactly what you should do if your four-legged friend makes a habit of wall-staring. Make an appointment with your vet and take cognisance of all the problems associated with wall-staring.

Symptoms related to wall-staring

CDS – This results in a cognitive degeneration. Common in canines from the age of 11 years, they become disorientated, develop restless sleeping patterns and suddenly start soiling the house. CDS can be detected by common symptoms such as your doggy aimlessly walking around, often becoming stuck in corners and yes, that’s right, staring at walls.

Seizures – Staring at walls can also be an indication that your dog is suffering from seizures. This is known as partial seizures or focal seizures. These seizures are generally caused by illnesses such as epilepsy or cancer. So, getting your canine companion to the vet ASAP is imperative.

There are other reasons for this behaviour

CBD – Staring at walls could also be a manifestation of CBD – Compulsive Behaviour Disorder, much like in humans! Apart from wall-staring, your canine may also display behaviours such as tail biting, spinning, barking and biting at “flies”. 

Attention-seeking – Staring at walls could simply be your dog trying to gain your attention. The trick is NOT to show any interest when he displays this peculiar trait because he may repeat the pattern and keep attracting your attention.