What It’s Like to Share Your Pet 

7th June 2019
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What It’s Like to Share Your Pet 

Do you remember how your little furry friend became an important part of your life, part of your family? 

You were spending days, weeks or, in some cases, years studying the breed, comparing the sellers, waiting for your pet to be born; and then when it was old enough to finally come and live with you. It was the most important day in your lives! 

Now you feel like a real parent to this pet. But life is life. We all have to go to work, we go on holidays. And unfortunately, it is not always possible to take your pet with you on a holiday. 

It feels sad leaving your furry friend alone at home even for several hours. You even say: “See you soon” when you are off to work. 

Pets are like children, you worry how they are, what they are up to when you are not at home. 

Some pet owners prefer professional dog walkers, pet sitters to look after their pets, some choose to install a camera at home to see what their pet is doing because they miss it so much. 

This is great, that we have all these available nowadays! 

Do you know, that there are more options to that? 

You can Share Your Pet!

Sharing Your Pet means allowing your local person (the person you choose!) to play with your pet when you are at work. There are no expectations to own your pet. Pet Borrowers don’t expect you to share your pet when you don’t want to. Pet Borrowers know, that they are not the owners. They may only suggest when they are free to pet your pet for you. It is like to have your granny or a sister living next door, who is always happy to help you, who is there for you and your pet when you need it. You can teach the Pet Borrower of your choice the way your pet is trained and used to doing things. Pet Borrowers are always happy to learn about your pet. They become family friends in time. 

They are loving, caring and FREE.  

Find your ideal Pet Borrower today! Register your Pet on Share Your Pet. https://shareyourpet.co.uk


At Share Your Pet we help animal lovers connect with locals to borrow & share pets.
Find trusted local pet businesses, products and services.
We support pet rehoming charities and simply love animals.
Live Love Pet.

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