Turkish Vans- cats loving water

2nd December 2019
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Turkish Vans- cats loving water

Do you have battle scars to prove that your cat hates water?

No one needs to tell us that cats hate water. If you’ve ever tried bathing yours, then you can probably testify to the lightning speed at which your kitty fled the room. Or worse, wear battle scars like a suit of armour to prove that you’ve been there and done that.

So, when a cat owner tells us that their fur-ball loves water it takes a stretch of our imagination for our minds to get around that statement. But it’s a fact. There are cats that enjoy the water like the Turkish Van and the Turkish Angora.

Cats who love water

Turkish Vans are actually known as “swimming cats” because of their attraction to water in any shape or size – from puddles to dripping taps, toilet bowls to swimming pools. Turkish Vans are very attractive, with creamy-coloured coats that are water-resistant. They usually have coloured markings on their heads and ears, as well as their tails. Turkish Vans can be identified by their dainty, rounded paws, ideal for swimming.

Another water-lover is the Turkish Angora, cousin of the Turkish Van. They too are water-babies who love to jump under the shower or into the bath the minute they hear running water. Turkish Angoras are generally white, but like their cousins can have markings on their tails and ears. Other breeds of water-loving kitties are Abyssinian, Snowshoe, Manx, Savannah, the American and Japanese Bobtail, Bengal and Maine Coon.

However, it is not uncommon for most cats to play with water. Remember, they love anything that moves and that’s exactly what water does. Cats love batting water running from a tap. They are attracted to its reflective and shiny appearance. Also, water moves quickly, just like cat toys. But no matter how much your kitty remains fascinated by water, if he is not one of the mentioned breeds he will no doubt flee when you call “bath time!”