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Let’s start with privacy.

We don’t collect any personal information from people just visiting public areas of our site (the ones you can see before you have to log in), except if you choose to apply for one of our products. All we do is gather some basic anonymous information, for example how many people view each page, so that we can make sure we’re doing a good job and to make our site better.

Obviously as your bank, we’ll know each other pretty well – and while we don’t mind you talking about us (as long as you say nice things), we won’t share information about you with just anyone. We have a strict code about how we use your information, fully complying with the Data Protection Act 1998 and adhere to

This privacy statement sets out our current policies and demonstrates our commitment to your financial privacy. We may change the content or services found on our Site at any time without notice, and consequently our privacy statement and the Terms may change at any time in the future. You should also read our Cookie Policy below to find out more about how Share Your Pet and our trusted partners use cookies, which is relevant to your online security. We use cookies to make our website more secure and easier to use.

Any references can be found at the footer of our website OR in our documented Help Centre.

We provide the ability for people to add their profiles and pets one. We allow businesses to add their businesses, products and services on Share Your Pet. In the future we will be a marketplace allowing businesses to sell and customer to buy pet product and services. We allow charities to add their pets for rehoming purposes.

Our Share Your Pet business has been built on trust between us and our customers. To preserve the confidentiality of all information you provide to us:

  • we will only collect information that we believe to be relevant and required to understand our customer’s financial needs and to conduct Share Your Pet business
  • we will use customer information to provide customers with better customer services and products
  • we may pass customer information to other companies or agents, as permitted by law if you require use of our insurance product or policy
  • we will not disclose customer information to any external organisation unless we have customer consent or are required by law or have previously informed the customer
  • we may be required, from time to time, to disclose customer information to Governmental or judicial bodies or agencies or regulators but we will only do so under proper authority
  • we aim to keep customer information up-to-date
  • we maintain strict security systems designed to prevent unauthorised access to customer information by anyone, including Share Your Pet staff
  • all Share Your Pet companies, or staff and all third parties with permitted access to customer information are specifically required to observe Share Your Pet‘s confidentiality obligations.

By maintaining our commitment to these principles, we’ll ensure that we respect the inherent trust that you place in Share Your Pet.

Governing law

Our Terms are governed by, and interpreted in accordance with, the laws of England and Wales, the courts of which will have non-exclusive jurisdiction in any disputes that may arise.

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