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Share Your Pet is for families & professionals alike who either own pets or want to care for a pet on any basis full or part time. It’s a great way to experience the love and companionship that pets offer without a full time commitment that a pet demands through sharing. For pet owners who need trustworthy & friendly options to care for their pet(s) whilst at work, on holiday or just away from home – we are here to help!

We passionately believe pet sharing on Share Your Pet will help reduce rehoming rates, increase awareness and promote responsibility in pet ownership.

We Got Started

The idea of sharing our doggy with another family came up by chance. We didn’t want to leave our dog Kolya in kennels or with someone who ‘was doing us a favour’.

“How could we leave him with someone we didn’t know?” Therefore, going on a holiday was potentially a problem. Even some work weeks were a problem.

We decided that there very few options out there.

Founding Share Your Pet was the answer!

I decided to find someone who wanted the experience of having a dog. Firstly, I considered families with children, who I already knew. Because this seemed like the ideal plan. I didn’t want our doggy to miss playing with children.

I shared my idea with some friends and word of mouth, and they have asked their friends.

We agreed a trial day so my friend Anna could meet Kolya.

We brought our doggy to Anna’s home and left him there with all Kolya’s care instructions: feeding, what commands he knew etc.

There was a lot to discuss, but it was fun. Anna looked very keen and excited.

The next morning, I received lots of photographs of them in the park on a long walk, then having breakfast.

He was very happy to see us: wagging his tail, licking our faces, running around happily. However we could definitely tell he had a great time with Anna too.

Some time later we organised a holiday and Anna was available to look after Kolya again.

I knew he liked her, however, I had not expected my Kolya, who is very attached to me, to jump out of the car and run straight to Anna and her boyfriend.


When our holiday was finished, Anna bought Kolya home to us.

Kolya waved his tail, was obviously happy to see us. He quickly ran home. I liked that!  I wasn’t thinking that he might like Anna more than us – what a relief.

Anna would send us lots of photographs and funny texts about how they were spending their time without us, while we were away. It was fantastic discovering a new friend.

Anna confided in me and felt she felt uplifted mentally and physically – Kolya had been such good company.

I was very touched that our loving Kolya had had such a good impact upon Anna’s life and Anna on his. Anna now shares Kolya whenever we need to or whenever Anna would like to.

We know pet sharing works perfectly. Pet sharing with like minded caring animal lovers.

Sometimes Anna has Kolya from Monday to Friday, when we are busy at school or work; and then we have him during the weekends and school holidays when we are at home to spend quality time with Kolya. 

We don’t have to feel guilty leaving him alone at home during the day any more, that’s a thing of the past. 

We exchanged availability, we plan our holidays so that one of us is in London and we discuss in advance who has him and on which days.  It is so convenient and feels so right!  We think he is the luckiest, most-loved pet of all!

Benefits & Evidence

In line with the advice from

Pets can play an important role in people’s lives and they are often referred to as ‘one of the family’. As well as providing a constant source of enjoyment, friendship and fun, many pets thrive in a family and household environment. In their recent journals on the topic The Pet Health Council list over two pages of benefits to children, families, single people and the community.


Children in dog owning families also have more traditional values, better academic achievement and greater respect for their parents. I often witness positive attitudinal changes in young people following the introduction of animals to their lives. In learning to care for the animal, they are also acquiring foundation skills required for parenting. In addition, passage through the teenage years – a difficult time for many – is facilitated by a relationship with a non- judgemental, ever supportive animal friend in whom one can confide fears and worries


The animal magic goes beyond the therapeutic and educational to bring significant physical health benefits too. One of the more obvious benefits is that of exercise – dog walking or playing with a cat is a great way for people to burn a few more calories. This is particularly important when lifestyles are becoming increasingly sedentary and obesity is a growing issue, for children and adults. Many families are now acquiring pets to encourage children, especially boys, to spend more time in the “real”, rather than the “virtual” world.

Dogs and other animals have also been found to help children with autism. Sometimes children who are electively mute start to talk to the dog, and gradually learn basic communication skills.
Recent European studies have demonstrated that dog ownership exerts a protective influence on the behaviour of young people – reducing their likelihood of becoming involved with gang culture, drugs or crime.

STOP Unwanted Pets

Share Your Pet brings together animal lovers to borrow & share pets. We connect pet owners with trusted local pet nannies who would love to look after their pets.

Pet owners may need help when they at work or on holiday or at any other time. You never know what life throws at you. We make it easy to arrange walks, playtime, overnight stays or holidays.

Our aim is to promote animal welfare, reduce the number of pets rehomed each year and champion responsible knowledgable pet ownership. We help pet owners when they need it.

Pet Nannies get the pet companionship they are searching for. Dogs especially get more exercise, meet other dogs and love more playtime, to allow people without a pet to spend quality time with their favourite pet. Even before deciding to own one themselves.

Pet sharing is great for a family and children to borrow a pet before they take on the responsibility of pet ownership.
Everyone benefits especially our furry babies. Live Love Pet.

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Kennels & Catteries are not safe or healthy places for your furry friend. Share Your Pet has you covered. Meet animal lovers to look after your pet when you most need it

Stop Unwanted Pets

We want to reduce the number of unwanted pets due to the ownership burden being too great for some. More pets will be cared for.

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Better rehoming is our mission. We will make sure your buddy goes to a good home with caring pet parents.

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