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  • We adore dogs, we make sure that every single one that comes through our doors gets the same love, care and attention that we give to our own pets.
  • Find one of our passionate, fully qualified dog groomers and carers
  • All our dog groomers regularly attend grooming seminars and one-to-one professional training to offer the best service possible
  • You can’t always predict a crazy day at work, but you can anticipate your dog’s needs. Instead of rushing home at lunch, book a dog groom to give your dog a 30-minute makeover.

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Choose the days of the week your dog needs a good groom, and cancel anytime if your plans change.

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Book and pay, all through Share Your Pet’s safe and secure platform—no cash, check, or tips necessary. Your dog groomer automatically gets paid two days after their appointment.

Premium insurance

Every booking made through Share Your Pet is covered by premium insurance. We recommend you also carry third party liability insurance.​

A reservation guarantee

It doesn't happen often, but if your dog groomer has to cancel at the last minute, we’ll work with you to find a new one.

World-class support

We're pet fanatics headquartered in London, and you can drop us a note anytime.

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At work? Going on holiday? Finding it a challenge to look after your furry friend? Sign up your pet. Create your profile, s and start contacting borrowers directly. Meet new animals lovers.

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Easy to get started. No Commissions. Keep What You Earn. Start to grow your business today.

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Easy to get started. No Commissions. Keep What You Earn. Start to grow your business today. Reach over 250,000 new customers.

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Add your products today. Cheaper seller rates than Amazon, Alibaba & eBay. We have even mange your unique Share Your Pet store for you. Reach more customers every day.

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Achieve your own uniquely branded listings page. Add any products & services from a huge range of categories. Reach thousands more customers. Engage and message members directly. Sell more at lower commissions than any other comparable website.

Improve Exposure & Generate Sales, MEET NEW CUSTOMERS

☆ We want to bring a community together, for the benefit of pet lovers, their pets and pet businesses. ☆ We have some great innovation planned in 2019 enabling you to sell products & receive bookings online with secure payment. ☆ Features on Share Your Pet are superior to those you pay for on other premium online business directories. ☆ Create more than one listing as needed. Just make sure its packed with details.

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We want to partner with the best and brightest Pet Businesses & Pet People around the UK. Sign up and list your Pet Services Or Pet Business for free. You can add up to 70+ service details with or without prices in one listing. There are literally no limits to what you can achieve. Have your own vendor store right on Share Your Pet

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Do You Offer Pet Services Like:

Walking, Behavioural Training, Grooming, Boarding, Pet Sitting, Feeding, Visiting or Healthcare? Or New Pet Services Like: Cat Toilet Trainers, Gourmet Pet Treats, In-Home & Garden Cleaners, Medical Dental Care Professionals, Pet Bakeries, Pet Clothing and Accessories, Pet Friendly Stores or Cafes, Pet Clothing Designers, Pet Insurance, Pet Photography, Pet Restaurateurs, Pet Toy Makers, Pet Travel Service Providers, Pet Workout Coaches, Pooper-Scooper Services, Tropical Fish and Aquarium Rentals and lots more… Plus 30 Detailed Vet Services 


Do You Offer Pet Products Like:
Apparel & accessories, Aquarium accessories, Carriers, strollers & travel products, Cat doors, steps, nets & pens, Collars, harnesses & leashes, Crates, houses & pens. Feeding & watering supplies, Flea & tick control, Grooming & bathing supplies, Health supplies, Houses & habitats, Litter & housebreaking, Memorials, Odour & stain removers, Pest control, Pet Jewellery & Gifts, Repellents & training aids, Reptile houses, Stable supplies, Terrarium products, Toys, Training & Behaviour aids, Treats, Vitamins and more…

How it Works

Only the best pet sitters and dog walkers list their services on Share Your Pet.

If you have personal or professional experience watching or walking dogs, you could be a great fit.

If you sell pet products its really easy to sign up, create a listing and start adding an selling your products at lower commissions than Amazon, eBay or Alibaba

Create Your Unique Profile

Do you play fetch until your arms get sore? Love the sweet company of a senior dog? Tell us what makes you a standout sitter and include details of your pet sitting or dog walking experience. Upload high-quality photos of you, your pets, and your home.


We manually review every profile that comes our way. If we approve your profile, congrats—that's a huge accomplishment! Your profile's now live, and dog owners or interested customers can start sending you requests for the products and services you offer.​

Open worldwide for business

You could earn your potential per month. Enjoy automatic payments on our secure platform. Get the freedom to choose your services, schedule, and rates. And tap into our enormous network of nearby dog owners and animal lovers worldwide.​

World-class support

We connect you with educational opportunities and continually advertise to bring you more clients. You also get access to our 24/7 Support team, premium insurance for dogs in your care, and a whole team dedicated to your success.​


We will even help support your business, set it up online, add new products and services, manage calendars, stock, orders and payments, in fact everything to get your started for an extra fee per month. Contact us on 07990522932 to lean more...

Become A Groomer 


Coming Soon: You’ll get: Freedom to choose your schedule, services, and rates Automatic, secure payments and insurance for dogs or pets in your care Access to 24/7 support, including vet assistance, Resources and opportunities to help you build your business

Add Any Product

Register, Create a Product Seller Listing, Add products and You have created your ver OWN store right on Share Your Pet. See below about our managed store options.

Rest easy knowing we've got your back

Automated Payments

Get Paid safely and securely—no cash, checks. You automatically get paid two days after the service, booking or product sale finishes.​

Premium insurance

The pet's and your safety is our top priority. Every booking through Share Your Pet is covered by premium insurance. We recommend you also carry third party liability insurance.​

Open worldwide for business

You could earn your potential per month. Enjoy automatic payments on our secure platform. Get the freedom to choose your services, schedule, and rates. And tap into our enormous network of nearby dog owners and animal lovers worldwide.​


Have a question? Let us know! We're dog fanatics headquartered in London, and you can drop us a note anytime.

Member Testimonials
I love Share Your Pet, it’s a brilliant concept, website and personal service. It’s easy to meet new people, safe and secure - perfect for busy people. We will be using it a lot. Thank you.
Keep up the good work, we absolutely loved it. You get a personal service from day one. Will be telling my friends about your website and oh we love your pictures on instagram.
My family and I love this idea…and its Free which makes a change! We found other services had too many restrictions and just weren’t suitable for what we wanted. Share Your Pet is different. You can share ANY pet how brilliant!
Pet Sharer
So much fun, brought a smile to everybody in the house. Ideal for busy households, when you don't have time to look after the dog or cat full time, but can have an enjoyment. (Borrowing Henry - A Charcoal Lab from Ashley).
James & Caroline
Pet Sharer & Borrower
Great, when you are thinking of getting a dog or any other pet to find out what it's like. We have helped out loads of people and made some great friends.

Holiday Borrower
We borrowed a rabbit from a local family for my daughter's birthday. She enjoyed playing with Freddy the rabbit and now we have decided to adopt one. We also share our Dog Rollo and it's a great experience and really useful for when I'm at work.
Kate Norton
Sharer (whilst) at work

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Guaranteed Lower Commissions than Amazon or Alibaba

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Grow your customer based and sell more products and retain your profilts

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We manage the payments, you manage shipping and delivery through our dedicated portal. Get paid regularly

Reach New Customers

Over 250,000 people visit Share Your Pet each year. All of them in your target market

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We can add products and product options for you subject to fees. Add new variations and product types not available on any other website

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