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    Sitter for the holidays...

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    To lend my pet now and then...

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    Looking for a cat sitter short term & long term...

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    Sharing of my lovely Exotic shorthair cat...

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    Member Stories

    Claire & Calico
    I live in Birmingham, and one day on her way to work she spotted a calico kitty hiding under a car. She was concerned for the cat so she returned in her lunch break a couple of hours later and the cat was still there. Even though the little kitty was scared she let me come close to her, it was as if she wanted to be helped. So I gently picked her up and took her back to the office. After giving her some food and water, the little calico relaxed and got some much-needed rest. I needed to know if this sweet kitty had a home to go to so she asked around to see if anyone was missing a cat. Some of the neighbours said they had seen her around but nobody came forward to claim her. (Claire added Calico to Share Your Pet and we reunited Calico with her owner Jess). Jess lived 3-4 streets away from me, it was heart warming to see them back together! Xxx
    Fiona, Angie & Rollo
    When I was about eight weeks pregnant and before I told anyone I was in a meeting with a Share Your Pet Owner, Angie, and her dog, Rollo. Although pets often come to meetings in the park with us, I’d never spent any time around Rollo, so I was quite surprised when he snuggled up to me. Angie was a bit embarrassed and kept trying to remove Rollo, but he would just cuddle up again. When the meeting was over, Angie told a mutual colleague that Rollo had a history of snuggling up to pregnant women. I announced my pregnancy a few weeks later, Angie said she was so glad she had told our colleague about Rollo’s super-sense because otherwise no one would have believed her. The hormonal changes must have made me smell different to Rollo. I couldn’t wait to tell my friends and family; it’s now my favourite story at work - Thank you Share Your Pet! 💛💛💛💛💛
    Steve & Roady
    We have an extremely naughty cross called Roady. He would eat pretty much anything given to him but seemed to have a stomach of iron. His first trip to the vets as a pup was because he had eaten an 18 inch long rubber tube and needed to have emergency surgery. So when joining Share Your Pet I was worried for any potential Borrower lol ... Another time, after a long day at work, I heard that he eat Fran's tea. Famished Fran had literally just put the fork to her mouth as the doorbell went. The plate went down, but Roady was (thankfully) on his bed. In the time it took Fran to answer the door and come back through the hall, Roady had complete obliterated the plate full of food. Fran said it was even funnier because of the way Roady’s legs were moving faster than ever but they just slipped on the carpet in cartoon fashion. Sorry Fran, but she still wanted to borrow Roady again, thank goodness.

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