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Pets can play an important role in people’s lives and they are often referred to as ‘one of the family’. As well as providing a constant source of enjoyment, friendship and fun, many pets thrive in a family and household environment. In their recent journals on the topic The Pet Health Council list over two pages of benefits to children, families, single people and the community.


Children in dog owning families also have more traditional values, better academic achievement and greater respect for their parents. I often witness positive attitudinal changes in young people following the introduction of animals to their lives. In learning to care for the animal, they are also acquiring foundation skills required for parenting. In addition, passage through the teenage years – a difficult time for many – is facilitated by a relationship with a non- judgemental, ever supportive animal friend in whom one can confide fears and worries.


The animal magic goes beyond the therapeutic and educational to bring significant physical health benefits too. One of the more obvious benefits is that of exercise – dog walking or playing with a cat is a great way for people to burn a few more calories. This is particularly important when lifestyles are becoming increasingly sedentary and obesity is a growing issue, for children and adults. Many families are now acquiring pets to encourage children, especially boys, to spend more time in the “real”, rather than the “virtual” world.


Dogs and other animals have also been found to help children with autism. Sometimes children who are electively mute start to talk to the dog, and gradually learn basic communication skills.


Recent European studies have demonstrated that dog ownership exerts a protective influence on the behaviour of young people – reducing their likelihood of becoming involved with gang culture, drugs or crime.

Who is Share Your Pet for?

Share Your Pet is for families & professionals alike who either own pets or want to care for a pet on any basis full or part time. It’s a great way to experience the love and companionship that pets offer without a full time commitment that a pet demands through sharing. For pet owners who need trustworthy & friendly options to care for their pet(s) whilst at work, on holiday or just away from home – we are here to help!

Our Newest Pet Sharers

    Why Share Or Borrow A Pet On Share Your Pet

    ☆ Share any pet or animal. It’s completely free and fully insured unlike other online pet sharing websites.
    ☆ Share a pet part-time which is ideal for parents.
    ☆ Introduce pets to your children and their pet education learning the responsible pet care.
    ☆ Get to know new breeds and animals, which is good for children.
    ☆ Use our child friendly online magazine for great tips and advice. Our Blog: Dog With A Bone:
    ☆ Find Trusted Pet Businesses, Products & Services Local To You.
    ☆ Add Photos, Videos, Review Your Experiences & Message Our Members Directly.

    ☆ You can’t always predict a crazy day at work, but you can anticipate your pet’s needs.
    ☆ Instead of rushing home at lunch, make a friend, meet and let them take care of your pet.
    ☆ You can meet a potential sharer for your pet as many times as you need.
    ☆ We suggest you only meet when both you and your pet are happy.
    ☆ Share Your Pet is a safe way to meet new people.
    ☆ Safety first Pet sharers and borrowers are checked using Chekr.
    ☆ Share Your Pet is insured please see our T&Cs.
    ☆ We passionately believe pet sharing on Share Your Pet will help reduce rehoming rates, increase awareness and promote responsibility in pet ownership*.

    Our Newest Pet Borrowers

      Find The Perfect Pet Service On Share Your Pet

      Find New & Trendy Pet Services:

      Walking, Behavioural Training, Grooming, Boarding, Pet Sitting, Feeding, Visiting or Healthcare.

      Cat Toilet Trainers, Gourmet Pet Treats, In-Home & Garden Cleaners,Medical Dental Care Professionals, Pet Bakeries,Pet Clothing and Accessories, Pet Friendly Stores or Cafes, Pet Clothing Designers, Pet Insurance, Pet Photography,Pet Restaurateurs, Pet Toy Makers, Pet Travel Service Providers, Pet Workout Coaches,Pooper-Scooper Services,Tropical Fish and Aquarium Rentals and more...

      We have all these new and trendy services in 100+ cities—Just Start Searching!

      How To Share Your Pet

      Using Share Your Pet in 3 Simple Steps

      Borrow A Pet

      Find Your Ideal Pet. Simply enter your location and pick a pet and we’ll connect you to some lovely local pets.
      Each pet and owner has a profile page.
      Why not strike up a conversation and meet them.

      Add Your Pet

      Add your location and all your pet details including care notes, breed, photos, videos and personality traits.
      Borrowed pets with us? Then leave reviews on other pet & Chat with other pet owners online.

      Meet Great People

      Once you have chosen your star pet you should arrange a meet-up. Meeting in public to begin with is the safest and best way to check that your ‘boss’ approves. Make friends at the same time.

      Fantastic Benefits

      Bringing pets and community members together

      Find Some Amazing Pets

      Our site is perfect for all animal lovers: Owners who want to share their pet, who feel guilty of leaving their pet alone during the day.

      Join & Receive Exclusive Amazon Offers

      Register, Login & invite friends.
      Get valuable insights and tell other readers about your experiences by leaving reviews and free messaging people, pets & businesses.

      Meet Great People & Make Friends

      Are you a family with children? They constantly want a new pet...Why not borrow a new pet once a month?

      More Reasons to Join Today!

      Share Your Pet is suitable for animal lovers, for people like us, who think, that sharing – is caring

      Looking to buy a pet. Why not share a pet before you commit

      Want to buy a pet, but don’t know yet what kind of breed of dog/cat to buy?

      You can borrow someone else’s dog, cat or other animal before making a decision about what kind of dog/pet you would like. Chosing an animal is a responsibility for life. Use Share Your Pet to borrow pets and breeds to help make this important decision.

      Would like to look after a pet part-time

      Don’t want full time responsibility for a pet?

      Happy to have a pet part time without costs for insurance, vaccinations or long-term responsibility - Share Your Pet is made for You. Sign up and start searching for available pets straight away.

      New ideas for children who want short-term pets

      Are you a family with children? They constantly want a new pet...Why not borrow a new pet once a month?

      Having an animal is a responsibility, please always look after pets you borrow, give them your love and attention.

      Discover Pet Services & Businesses

      Find Some Great Business & Professionals Offering Their Services

      Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters

      Need someone to walk your dog?
      We know some great dog walkers

      Dog Grooming

      Get in touch with some fantastic grooming professionals. Review their experience, qualifications, services & animal-loving skills.

      Pet Boarding

      Find some safe & cosy places for your pet to stay with reliable animal lovers including in-home boarding and long term boarding or drop in visits

      Cat Sitters

      Find reliable cat lovers and cat sitters to be with your cat when you are out, at work, on holiday or away for the weekend

      Dog Day Care & Pet Sharing

      It’s why we setup this community – Meet great Pets & Friends Or Find Some Great Dog Day Care Businesses & Professionals

      Pet Healthcare

      Whether its a vet or alternative medical professionals for you pet we have some great businesses working with Share Your Pet

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