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Collect points to be used toward free membership and subscriptions in the future COMING SOON!


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Ways To Earn Points


At present our service is free but we may initiate a membership in 2019. Start earning points now!

How do I earn points towards listing fees &
membership from referring a friend to Share Your Pet?

Inviting people to Share Your Pet can earn you—and the people you invite— credit to use on the future.

Earn Credit & points by inviting friends on Share Your Pet

To begin earning credit, register and login, then visit this page
Using the invite friends social share buttons to the left you can earn 5,000 points credit per friend that registers and signs in with us.
You’ll receive your credit within one minute of your friend signing up.
Copy your personalised link above into an email and send to as many friends as you like. When a friend(s) clicks the link and signs up, you will receive credit that will automatically. The credit will show up automatically here.
All methods are award the same value per referred friend that registers and signs in.
*If your invitee has already been invited my another member only the original and first invite will awarded credit.
In order for a referral to count it must be:
  • Used by someone who is not a member on your website or logged in on your website!
  • The person using your unique referral link cannot have been sent or used it before.
  • The referral/invite will only count on the first occasion its clicked on (which is controlled by cookies).
  • The referral/invite link cannot be used by someone who has cookies disabled. Cookies disabled means the referral will not function.
  • Finally a referral will not count if you or your invitee hide your IP address or if you refer friends using any other methods or any other links than described here.
  • Your unique referral link is only available and generated when you are signed in.

Terms Apply.

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