Five Reasons Why Men Choose Cats over Dogs

14th February 2020
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Five Reasons Why Men Choose Cats over Dogs

Despite the fact that most cats treat us like idiots, we humans still opt for those snooty felines over dogs when it comes to choosing a household pet. According to Live Science, there are 88.3 million cats and 74.8 million dogs living as household pets worldwide.

This fact begs the question. Why do we choose cats as pets when they are so aloof and grudging with their displays of affection? Could it be man’s in-built masochistic streak that urges him to defy all odds and win over a disdainful feline friend?

Not according to a number of studies undertaken in recent years.

  • One study compared cats and dogs to motor vehicles! Scientists stated that the resources required to feed a dog created an eco-footprint comparable to a Land Cruiser. Cats, on the other hand, only required an eco-footprint comparable to a small hatchback! 

Costing less to feed and care for is only one of the reasons why men prefer cats.

Cats can be used as lures to reel in a blind date!

  • According to a British survey, 90% of the female respondents said cat-owning men were “nicer” than the rest of the guys available on the dating scene. A further 82% of the women said they were more attracted to men who owned or liked animals. So, yes it would be fair to say a cat is a babe trap.

  • In 2010, researchers at Bristol University found that there were more college graduates among cat owners than those who owned dogs. This was backed up by research undertaken in Wisconsin that found cat owners to be more intelligent than their dog-owning counterparts. But don’t get too smug about your intellect if you have a cat as a pet. Researchers pointed out that because smart people usually work long hours, they opt for a feline friend because cats are self-sufficient and require far less attention.

  • Another interesting British study revealed that women in the UK preferred sharing their beds with their cats. Apparently, they sleep better with a feline than a human male! This sentiment was endorsed to some extent by a Mayo Clinic Centre for Sleep Medicine study. It found that 41% of the respondents enjoyed a better night’s sleep when sharing their beds with a pet.

  • Some years ago, the National Institutes of Health undertook a study in which children under 12 months of age were exposed to cats. It revealed that the children were less likely to develop a number of allergies. These included cat hair, as well as dust mites, grass and ragweed.


According to an article published in Computers in Human Behavior, watching cat videos on social media platforms can create positive vibes and boost energy levels. Our feline friends’ video antics also help to decrease feelings of negativity. All the more reason to invest in a cat as a pet!