Best Spring Break Ideas With Your Dog

11th August 2019
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Best Spring Break Ideas With Your Dog

For many people, spring break is the first chance to escape the cold temperatures, short days, and snow brought about by winter. Spring break is something to look forward to while shoveling feet of wet, heavy snow from the sidewalk or while shivering violently while walking the dog.

Though at times it may seem that a reprieve may never come, one easy way to lift your spirits is to start planning your spring vacation early. However, nearly 45% of Americans are forced to make a tough decision; what to do with the dog?

Though dogs add lots of fun, love, and enjoyment to your life, they can be a bit of a burden when it comes to travel. Finding a sitter is always an option, but is not necessarily a top choice. If you’re like most dog owners, bringing your best friend along for the ride is always the preferred option. Planning a dog friendly spring break trip takes a little extra work, but is far from impossible.

Bring Fido

Before planning your spring break trip, it is very worthwhile to check out This site is specifically designed to make traveling with your pup easier and is very useful in finding pet friendly hotels, vacation rentals, restaurants and more. Their customer support team is available nearly 24/7 and can help find pet friendly options even at the last second. This site is definitely worth a visit prior to planning any type of vacation for you and your pooch.

The Beach

Beaches everywhere have long been considered top spring break options, however, until recently, many dog owners were forced to leave their best friend at home. As pet friendly beaches have become more common, dog owners are now able to choose from a ton of great beaches that are pet-friendly. It is important to keep in mind that pet friendly beaches can only remain pet friendly if they are properly taken care of. As with any other dog friendly area, it is key to pick up after your pooch, obey leash laws (when necessary) and keep your pup under control!

Beaches such as the Huntington Dog Beach in California or Dog Beach in Fort Myers, Florida are both beaches set aside specifically for dogs and their owners. Dogs are allowed to run free in long, open expanses of beach. Other areas, like the Outer Banks in North Carolina, have some sections that are dog friendly while others are not. Make sure to abide by local regulations to keep places like these open for other dogs and their owners to enjoy in the future!

National Parks

National parks are a great spring break vacation, but dog owners should be wary. National Parks, such as the Grand Canyon or Yosemite, receive one of the highest levels of federal land protection. Dogs are allowed in most parks and facilities, but are very limited as to where. Many trails are closed to dogs due to sensitive environments. Instead, it may be more worth it to check out one of the nation’s many other public land systems, such as the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington state or Glen Canyon National Recreation area in Arizona. Places like these still offer great camping and hiking, as well as lots of other prime recreation opportunities, but are far less regulated and allow more chances for your dog to enjoy the experience too.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California is another popular spring break destination thanks to the many activities it affords its visitors. The city’s moderate climate is perfect for hiking, exploring or spending time at the beach. LA has tons of dog friendly options, so don’t worry about finding a dog sitter for the week. Westridge Canyon Wilderness Park is a must visit for anyone traveling with their dog. The up to 7.4 mile round trip hike allows dogs to be off leash and offers great views of the surrounding area. LA’s Arts District is another must visit. This part of the city features an awesome dog park and is home to the Angel City Brewery, a dog-friendly craft brewery, a perfect place to grab a beer after a long, fun filled day.


One last unique spring break option for those wanting to travel with their pup is renting an RV and taking road trip. This allows you and your dog to experience as many of these dog friendly options as you please and at your own pace. Cruise America, a top RV rental service, has a variety of sized RVs, perfect for a couple, a family, or a group of friends to travel anywhere in the US. They also have a very welcoming pet policy, even for those with non-traditional pets, like monkeys and goats!

Spring break is one of the best times of the year to take a trip somewhere new. For lots of dog owners, that used to mean planning something without including a key four legged, member of the family. Today, however, that is not necessarily the case. Dogs are becoming more and more popular and society has taken notice. There are tons of pet friendly options for lodging, recreation, and even restaurants and plenty of resources out there to help you find them. This year, take your dog with and enjoy a memorable experience together.

Author Bio:

Jeremy is a online journalist who focuses on travel, pet-care, and lifestyle related trends. He is passionate about everything sports, as well as board games, his family, and the great outdoors. ​He can often be found splurging in episodes of Game of Thrones with his new mini Aussie puppy, Cooper.

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